World of English

WE 031: How to learn English?

Effective study of the language is the key to success. It is common too often that you learn English and have a very little result. In this episode you are offered a list of practical tips that will turn your study of the language into an effective process.

WE 030: Tenses in English

The time has come to deal with the most feared subject of all when it comes to studying English, namely the tenses. I have heard a number of misconceptions about them. They cause a lot of confusion and very often stop learners from speaking English at all. Listen to the podcast and stop making mistakes once and for all.

WE 029: In the name of confidence

Confidence is a crucial element of a happy and successful life. The question is how to develop it? Do we get the trait of self-confidence on our birthday or do we get that instilled in us through upbringing? Check how self-confidence built the life and career of Priyanka Chopra and what other synonyms and antonyms of the word there are in the English language.

WE 028: Giving presentations in English

Speaking confidently in English is an important skill. The skill can land you a better job, it helps you in social contact. There is a special ability connected with speaking, namely giving presentations. It is dreaded by many people, and it shouldn’t be like that. Get to know some useful techniques and vocabulary that will help you prepare a great presentation.

WE 027: Prepositions in English

In, on, maybe at? Which shall I use? This is the question. Prepositions are usually a problem for most learners. This podcast will help you learn and understand the difference between Polish and English. There is a pattern that makes it so much easier to acquire the subject and use prepositions without making mistakes.

WE 026: Accents, dialects and Peaky Blinders

Does it ever happen to you that you listen to English and it sounds weird to you? It may just be an accent you have never heard before. Some English speaking viewers have to watch the Peaky Blinders series with subtitles. Check out the much controversy there is about accents in English.

WE 024: English structure

Does it ever happen to you that you keep learning English and the effect is not satisfying? Do you have a feeling that although you know grammar and different expressions, you are still unable to build proper sentences? Are you a speaker of the so-called Ponglish? If so, listen to this episode of the WE podcast and find out about the structural differences between Polish and English.

WE 023: American English in my podcast – Ken Ramirez interview

A truly unique episode featuring a special guest Ken Ramirez. This time in the WE podcast you are presented with a record of a meeting with a renowned behaviorist and animal trainer. You will have a chance to listen to an engaging conversation as well as catch up on a different variety of the language such as American English.

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