WE 021: Images

We are surrounded by images in the modern world. In a way we live in a picture reality. They are present in newspapers, in social media, on the Internet and on TV. They are omnipresent. Check what inspiration lies behind this episode and how illustrations can influence the world of children. Learn some new vocab as well.

WE 020: Household chores

Description of your everyday life is a crucial thing in English. With this recording you are invited to listen to a set of phrases essential in presenting your household duties. There are also some extras connected with feeding small babies. Check if the BLW method is for you.

WE 019: Holidaying in English

Has it ever happened to you that you went on your dream holiday abroad and couldn’t say a word, which ruined the whole experience? In the latest episode of the World of English podcast you will find the most useful phrases in English that can save your foreign trip this year.

WE 018: Common problems in English

Many people think that they will never be able learn and speak English. They have tried a number of times, finally they have given up. In this episode you will find out that the problems you are struggling with are very common, that many students face them and that luckily there is a solution to them.

WE 015: Bucket List

Humour helps us go through life. The language that we use also serves the purpose. There is a way to deal with sad events, it is to refer to saddening moments in a funny way. One of them is the bucket list. Learn about its application, the film under the very same title and the emotions it evokes.

WE 014: Native speaker – a blessing or a curse?

The choice of the right English teacher is crucial. It is so important as it can decide about the success or failure. There is a conviction that a native speaker is the best option. Find out if that is so, what offers a trained teacher and what qualities there are behind online teaching.

WE 013: Drive to survive

The speed, the pressure, the stress. Only few people in the world can stand it and Robert Kubica is one of them.
Formula 1 is a specific sport where you stay focused on and off the circuit. Kubica proved that he can fight to the fullest outside the race as well.
Listen about his stamina and how you talk about the fight with difficulties in English.

WE 012: Elevator pitch

Let’s imagine that you enter a lift and there you meet a financial tycoon, the CFO of one of the greatest companies on the market or the editor in chief of the most influential
magazine. What would you do? How would you behave and most of all, what would you say? In this episode you will learn how to prepare a proper elevator pitch, how to impress your listeners and how to land yourself a chance to win a contract or get a dream job.