WE 015: Bucket List

Humour helps us go through life. The language that we use also serves the purpose. There is a way to deal with sad events, it is to refer to saddening moments in a funny way. One of them is the bucket list. Learn about its application, the film under the very same title and the emotions it evokes.

WE 014: Native speaker – a blessing or a curse?

The choice of the right English teacher is crucial. It is so important as it can decide about the success or failure. There is a conviction that a native speaker is the best option. Find out if that is so, what offers a trained teacher and what qualities there are behind online teaching.

WE 013: Drive to survive

The speed, the pressure, the stress. Only few people in the world can stand it and Robert Kubica is one of them.
Formula 1 is a specific sport where you stay focused on and off the circuit. Kubica proved that he can fight to the fullest outside the race as well.
Listen about his stamina and how you talk about the fight with difficulties in English.

WE 012: Elevator pitch

Let’s imagine that you enter a lift and there you meet a financial tycoon, the CFO of one of the greatest companies on the market or the editor in chief of the most influential
magazine. What would you do? How would you behave and most of all, what would you say? In this episode you will learn how to prepare a proper elevator pitch, how to impress your listeners and how to land yourself a chance to win a contract or get a dream job.

WE 011: Like a dog with two tails

Emotions play a crucial part in our lives. They define who we are and how we perceive reality. Some emotions are positive, they are connected with some very fine moments, other emotions, unfortunately, refer to negative events. Listen to what I have experienced, how I feel about it and learn how you can describe what you go through in life.

WE 010: Let Me Be Frank … Underwood

The end of the year is the time when most people look back and try to sum up the passing year.
Kevin Spacey did exactly that and referred to the very serious accusations that he faced in the year 2018.
He did that in the most surprising and shocking way. He did that the Frank Underwood way personifying one of the most controversial characters.
Check what he said and how he used the fictitious series character for his one purposes.

WE 009: Foreign clients

Knock, knock. Who’s there? A foreign client who doesn’t speak Polish.
Some of you dread this situation, others would like to experience it, so they would like to have this client from abroad who is willing to do business with their company. Either way, you have to be prepared, you have to know what to say and how to react.
This episode of the World of English podcast is to guide you through and help you to impress a foreign client with your English.

Nowoczesne trendy w nauczaniu języka angielskiego 2018

British Council od lat zajmuje się monitorowaniem i udoskonalaniem nauczania języka angielskiego. W publikacji, której autorką jest Chia Suan Chong, znajdziemy opis 10 trendów rewolucjonizujących naukę tego języka. W poniższym artykule przedstawiłam kilka nowości, które moim zdaniem są warte uwagi i pokazują, w jakim kierunku zmierza nauka języków obcych oraz co można zrobić, żeby uczyć się szybciej i skuteczniej.

WE 008: Antoine de Paris

The hair is the most beautiful clothing a woman can wear. Any woman would love to meet a great hairdresser that would bring out that something in her. There was this perfect hairdresser. He was Polish. He revolutionized the world of the hairdressing profession. Listen about him and his visionary ideas.

WE 007: Breaking news

Wouldn’t it be great to read the news in English and know what is going on in the world?
This episode is a news report. Find out what is there in the news, what the Beckhams and the Ramseys have in common and why Prince Harry, his wife, David and Victoria Beckham are travelling in Australia. Stay tuned.