WE 004: The effect

I have been learning English for 5, 7, 10 years. How many times have you heard this expression? And yet I can’t make a proper conversation in English, I don’t know what to do when a cone with my favourite ice-cream flavour is leaking and when somebody approaches me asking a simple question in English I just go red and run away.

Find out how to speed up the process of learning English, how to feel more confident, learn about tips and techniques that will finally help you go from zero to hero.

WE 001 – Storytelling

English has become the lingua franca of today’s world. It is widely spoken all over the globe.

However, it is often the case that it takes a lot of time to learn a good standard of the language, people resign from speaking English in public, others cannot climb up their career ladder because they don’t know the language well enough.

Storytelling is the first episode in a series called World of English prepared by a teacher-trainer of English. It is a series based on first-hand experience, presenting practical tips how to learn the language as well as funny stories from and outside the classroom. All covered in humour and good energy.

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